Press Release 10/24/23


Author Dena Scroggins Announces Charitable Initiative: 15% of Profits from “Jumpin’ Jack” Book to Support 1 Ohana 1 Community, Inc., aiding Foster Children in Need

DeLand, FL October 23, 2023– Dena Scroggins, local mom and children’s book author, is excited to announce a collaboration with 1 Ohana 1 Community Inc., a local charitable endeavor that makes a significant difference in the lives of foster children. Dena Scroggins’ latest book, “Jumpin’ Jack,” will see 15% of its profits donated to support this noble cause. 

“Jumpin’ Jack” is a captivating children’s book that not only entertains young readers but also brings awareness to the challenges faced by children who have sensory difficulties. The story of “Jumpin’ Jack” is the brainchild of Dena’s 7-year-old daughter, Mia, who herself has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and was adopted from foster care in 2018. Through Mia’s imaginative and empathetic storytelling, the book explores the world of a jack-o-lantern named Jack, who magically grows arms and legs on Halloween and gets into all kinds of mischief.

1 Ohana 1Community Inc. is devoted to creating care packages for children entering foster care, who often arrive with little to nothing to call their own. These care packages include essentials, comfort items, and sensory-friendly toys, aimed at easing the transition into foster care for children, including those like Mia, who have sensory processing needs.

Dena Scroggins’ decision to allocate 15% of the profits from “Jumpin’ Jack” to 1 Ohana Organization demonstrates her commitment to the well-being of children in foster care. Through this partnership, she hopes to raise awareness about the challenges these children face and provide tangible support to improve their lives.

“It brings me immense joy to combine the creativity of Mia’s vision, with the mission of 1 Ohana. We aim to shine a light on the unique needs of children in foster care and provide the assistance that they deserve,” said Dena Scroggins, the author of “Jumpin’ Jack.”

Readers who purchase “Jumpin’ Jack” not only enjoy a heartwarming story but also contribute to making a real impact in the lives of children in foster care. Dena Scroggins encourages everyone to join this initiative and support the cause.

This charitable initiative runs thru 10/31/23.

Jumpin Jack is available on Amazon and on the author website.  

About Author Dena Scroggins:

Dena Scroggins is the author of Jumpin’ Jack and Search for Skunk Ape and has 3 books currently in the works. She draws inspiration from her three children, Morgan, Mason and Mia.all of whom she fostered and then later adopted.  

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