After spending years blogging under the name “Sunshine and Rollercoasters,” I found myself with a swirling collection of ideas for children’s books. Inspired by my three children, I embarked on a new writing journey, determined to create captivating stories for young readers. Along the way, I encountered numerous challenges and learned valuable lessons in writing and book design.

Driven by a desire to share my newfound knowledge and support fellow authors, I founded Sunny Daze Publishing. With a deep understanding of the hurdles faced by new and indie authors, I wanted to provide comprehensive publishing services to help others navigate the intricate world of book creation and promotion.

At Sunny Daze Publishing, we are passionate about nurturing emerging voices and helping authors bring their stories to life. With personalized attention and a range of tailored services, we guide authors through the publishing process, offering expertise in editing, cover design, formatting, and marketing.

Our own experiences in writing and designing children’s books have equipped us with the skills and insights necessary to empower other authors. We understand the importance of storytelling and the impact it can have on young minds. That’s why we focus on producing high-quality books that captivate and inspire young readers, fostering a love for reading and imagination.

Sunny Daze Publishing is committed to promoting books that embrace and celebrate the acceptance and diversity of individuals with mental health challenges. We believe that everyone’s story is valuable, and we strive to create a literary space that fosters inclusivity and understanding. By actively seeking out and publishing books that shed light on mental health journeys, we aim to break down barriers, reduce stigma, and promote empathy.