Jumpin' Jack~ A Children's Book

Jumpin’ Jack~ A Children’s Book~ COMING SOON

Our Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE!! I am so excited about this book. When I told my 6 year old that I wanted to do a Halloween book, she told me about her idea. I loved it, so we ran with it.

˜”*°• About the book:
Meet Jack, a sensitive and shy pumpkin who resides in a charming pumpkin patch tucked away in a sleepy little town. But Jack harbors a magical secret: when the moon rises on All Hallows’ Eve, he transforms into a mischievous jack-o’-lantern with arms and legs!
With newfound mobility and a mischievous spirit, Jack ventures out into the world, ready to embrace the thrill of Halloween night. However, as Jack embarks on his nocturnal escapades, he discovers that his true desire isn’t to scare people away, but rather to connect with them on a deeper level. •°*”˜

We know everyone may not want to buy a children’s book, but if you could share we would be eternally grateful. Thank you!!
The expected launch date is 9/1, just in time for her birthday on 9/3.

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